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Club Culture

Membership in the UNL VEX U Robotics Club is more than being part of a team; it's joining a group of like-minded individuals whose culture of learning and growth sets them apart.

The Nebraska Difference

We make our home at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a diverse campus with the classic welcoming posture of the Midwest.

Generous grants from the College of Engineering and the donated time of engaged professors help make our club possible.


Culture of Learning

As members of the UNL VEX U Robotics Club, our primary purpose is to teach.

The majority of our new members have no previous experience in robotics, and it has been our pleasure to be a vehicle of learning for this rapidly expanding area of engineering.

Since the club's founding in 2017, we have had the opportunity to provide dozens of students with hands-on robotics experience.

RSO Banquete Trophy

Competitive Spirit

The UNL VEX U Robotics Club get to test our hard work by competing against other talented teams several times a year.

As well as attending local competitions, the club has ranged as far abroad as Indiana.

Every year we look for new opportunities to travel and provide our members with valuable experiences on the road.

2018 Purdue Team Photo


Prahalad Rao

Prahalada Rao, PhD

Benjamin Terry

Benjamin Terry

Carrick Detweiler

Carrick Detweiler


The UNL VEX U Robotics Club is proud to work alongside the following groups to promote STEM education in our community.

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